January 2019

This website is a work in progress, thank you for your patience.

Current projects include podcast production and consulting, experience and exhibition design, sound art installations, archived and future community sound works, sound based film festival programming.

Please see parcematone.com for information regarding albums, concerts, and my musical life and history.


November : Music Policy Forum “Protecting Our Venues: Strategies from Canada and Europe to Value and Defend Grassroots Music Venues”, Washington, DC

June : “(re)buffer” (AB, KB, RG) April 8 – June 22 Private Places

April : Design Week Portland
– The Design of Success : Meaning, Modes, Metrics
– From a Whisper to Machines : How voice shifts perception and reality


November : Curator Dazzle Con for Zebras Unite

July 13 : The Practice of Listening : Archive Recon(struction/sideration) field recording based live synthesis improvisation performance and conversation with Marcus Fischer

July 11 : The Practice of Listening : In conversation with OPB’s David Miller

April 29 : SIX – a collaboration with Marcus Fischer

April 28 : Practice Space Gallery – Portland, OR – Solo exhibition

April 24-28 : ASK AN EXPERT at Design Week Portland 2017

January 2017

Creative Many and Kresge Foundation present Critical Context – Detroit, MI

August 2016

Manual for Speed Audio Taxonomy v.1

Two podcasts currently in production: The Suited Lady and A Song is Born

May 2016



I will be the sonic reporter for Manual for Speed at the Amgen Tour of California May 15-22.

April 2016

I will be presenting at the Experience Music Project Pop Conference in Seattle on April 16.

Over the last few months I have helped companies and non-profits process and answer questions such as: “If there was a new way to frame engagement with a city park, what would that look like?” “What percentage of a non-profit’s programming should focus on political discussion vs core art practices?” “What is local?” “How do we open a gallery?” “Can you make a soundtrack that sounds like the smell of sage?”

I’m a freelancer, and I like helping people ask the right questions and respond to those questions in an effective manner. Contact me via Twitter or LinkedIn

Balmorhea State Park, Toyahvale, TX / March 2016


I was profiled by Creative Mornings Portland a few weeks ago.

Astoria’s irresistable Richter colours / January 28, 2016

astoria three ships

I was invited to participate in High Desert Test Sites annual Mineral/Gem show and painted rock auction. The auction takes place January 31, 2016 at Paramount Ranch, CA. My contribution is a modded out 16G USB thumb drive pre-loaded with field recordings I collected while in Joshua Tree in 2014.

hdts snap

December 2015

Telescoping back and forth across decades processing archival projects and planning for the new year. I’m fortunate to have consulted with two very different publication and public media organizations over the last month. Helping groups navigate turning points, recognize their assets, and recalibrate efforts into an effective and exciting way of working is a joy. I’m learning more about what I can do that’s helpful, and receiving positive feedback.

The Consortium played at Ecotrust‘s Foundry at Redd in October. I usually leave music talk for parcematone, but this show was another node in exploring sound in the city, and sound as site-specific work, so I mention it here. Ecotrust’s generosity in considering sound as they re-frame the use and structure of their inner SE blocks is welcome. I look forward to future iterations.

September 2015

SUPERCYCLESOUND twitter: @supercyclesound / Soundlab at the Foundry at REDD / Horizonline Scores / In devo :  The Suited Lady Podcast twitter and instagram @thesuitedlady

fremont bridge swim


August 2016: Seattle, WA: Performance/ Nonsequitur Series/Wayward Music Series at Good Shepherd Chapel

May 2016: California: Super Cycle Sound / Tour of California, Field Recordings, Sonic Reporting

April 2016: Seattle, WA: EMP Pop Conference / Presentation: “The Shape of Voices: Exploring the Potential of Defining a Community of Voice”

March 2016: Marfa, TX: Inquiry Pop Up / Performance

January and February 2016: Portland, OR: ESA Gallery Launch and Exhibition Design

October 2015: Washington, DC: The Pop Pop Up / Georgetown University / Guest Teacher, Performance

September 2015: Richmond, VA: The Pop Pop Up / VCU Kinetic Imaging MA Studio visits, VCU Dept of Sociology Guest Teacher / Performance

September 2015: Richmond, VA: Super Cycle Sound / UCI Cycling World Championships / Sediment Gallery / Exhibition, Oral History, Field Recordings

August 2015: Mount Hood National Forest, OR: Artist Residency / Signal Fire Outpost, “Horizon Line Scores”

August 2015: Colorado: Super Cycle Sound / US PRO Challenge, Field Recordings, Sonic Reporting

March 15th: AUSTIN : I moderated a panel on the state of Urban Cycling at SXSW Sports

Our panel on urban cycling was a success, full room, great questions. I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to engage with intelligent people on subjects I care deeply about. Thank you to Rapha for the invitation to moderate the event. I look forward to more conversation on this and other topics.


November 22: PDX : Rock and Roll Camp for Girls Honoree

October 7: PDX : Notes, Signs, and Waves / Performance, Discussion / Portland Design Week

October 9: PDX : Panel Organizer and Moderator: “Sound Designed” / Portland Design Week

October 12: PDX : Celebrating the release of Bruce Springsteen Album by Album, info at ryanwwhite.com

Artist Residency: A to Z / Joshua Tree, CA

Mentor: CA : (Nomadic / Site-Specific / Sound) PNCA Applied Design MFA Program

October 27: Washington, DC : Interview FCC General Counsel Jonathan Sallet at the Future of Music Coalition Summit and Future of Music Coalition Honors performance

August 2014: Aspen Institute Forum on Communications and Society

June 2014: The Seattle Office of Film and Music “You Don’t Have to Follow a Formula”

April 2014: Policy Retreat, Washington, DC The Future of Music Coalition

March 2014: Panel Organizer and Moderator: “How Punk Is Your Business?” SXSW2014

February 2014: Lecture: PNCA Applied Design MFA 2013-2014 Graduate Visiting Artist Lecture Series (photos)

February 2014: Guest Host: OPB Radio “State of Wonder” audio

January 2014: Portland Art Museum Artist Talk: Linear Construction (No. 1 Variation) (c. 1942-43) by Naum Gabo”

November 2014: Techraking, The Center for Investigative Reporting

September 2013: Artist and Producer: PICA’s TBA13, Roomtone

August 2013: Speaker: CASH MUSIC Summit 2013

Summer 2013: Curator/Programmer: SOUNDCRAFT, Museum of Contemporary Craft

July 2012: Low Times Podcast: with Daniel Ralston on Music, Music Business and Cycling

July 2012: Participant: The Opportunity Agenda, Creative Change Retreat 2012

March 2011: Consultant: Artist Revenue Streams Research, The Future of Music Coalition press